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Nigeria has exerted tremendous and well-documented efforts to address the problems confronting persons with special needs. One of these laudable efforts is the promulgation of Section 8 of the National Policy on Education, which gives guidelines for programmatic stability in special education. Sad to note, it is plagued by endemic problems of culture, socio-economic factors and politics.

In Nigeria there are problems of who, when, why and how to admit exceptional individuals into school programmes because of a lack of mandates. Exceptional students are indiscriminately integrated into regular classes without consideration for their specific educational needs. In Nigeria no systematic screening and assessment facilities are available for exceptional children. Admission and integration into schools do not follow the sequence of:
(a) screening,
(b) identification,
(c) referral,
(d) individualized education programme development, and
(e) evaluation. (Obiakor etal, 1991; Ogbue, 1981).

To this end, TENDERBRAINS Foundation (TF), a not-for-profit, non-governmental organization (NGO) based in Nigeria, with the aim of imparting the lives of children and persons with special needs in Africa through Support, Training, Advocacy, and Research in such areas as Education, Health, Media and Rights Advocacy; and the provision of Assistive-aids for children and persons living with disabilities, introduced TENDERBRAINS Remedial Centre to provide special education services for children with special needs.

Because there are critical components in the education of children with special needs which the regular classroom does not support; critical intervention programmes, which the regular school cannot give; and specific psychological learning environment, approach, and criteria which regular education cannot meet, TENDERBRAINS Foundation (TF) introduced a Special Day and Boarding School system that uses the Individual Education Programme (IEP) approach to provide functional and remedial education with rare but important support services and intervention programmes that are guaranteed by the Individual with Disability Education Act (IDEA)...read more

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